[NetEpic ML] Re: Slann Mech mods

From: Daniel Nielsen <u992541_at_...>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 14:45:42 +0100

Weasel Fierce wrote:
> >As for the "only" playing once a week I have gone from once a month to
> >"none" a month so dont mind if Ireally, really envy you and your group!
> I had two games this weekend. Against orks both times....4000 points (ended
> in a draw but I had 20 VP's more than he) and 1000 (which I won)

And we're gonna play again this weekend, right???? You BASTARD i'll kick
you in the NUTS!
> Them bloody orks.....anyway, why does the imperial knights suck so much in
> close combat??? They will be beat by howling banshees with power swords????

Hmm... that is odd...
> >
> >I always envisioned the squats had really tough if slow tanks, since they
> >were a army list with a remarkable derth of them. So I hope I gave then
> >some armorerd might.
> >
> Slow but tough is very "squattish".

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