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Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 18:29:13 -0600


Its always been an interesting debate between whether army cards or individual unit cost army building is better.

Individual model point cost is attractive it gives player a free hand to make armies as they see fit. Of course you have already run it to the main problem, balance. Its much easier to balance a whole unit than a single model as you have seen.

Army cards, besides facilitating army building it gives a comparison of cost unit to unit and achieves a more balanced approach. Its disadvantage is no freedom of choice.

I'm pretty much an army card fan. This is mainly due to the easiness of balancing army lists. Heresy reflects that, although I have the individual point costs of models I made units and tweaked the costs. More importantly it limits power building, which is rampant in most model cost games system. If there is no limit you will get the occasional player with all (fill in your most hated cheesiest unit here) armies.

Thats another strike against e40k in my book. Its too easy to make units with teh best of everything. Army cards take the emphasis away from army building and puts it on the tactics.

I would suggest you fidle making army cards with a mix of units you and your gamers favor and price accordingly, you'll find it easier and much more balanced.

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What he didn't mention is that we have played with armylists for quite some
time now, but are still balancing both cost and army composition. The
problem with cost, is that in just comparing stats vs. cost for similar
units, you don't get a fair result. So, we've tried to balance the cost for
the units which are similar, but this has led to more balancing problmes. We
have finally given up on this course of action, and are going back to
basics, ie. revising the army lists and unit prices from the original rules.
We might have to tweak the system a bit to get the balance right, but this
time we know (hopefully) which traps to avoid. There have mostly been stats
vs. cost disagreements, but we've also developed some stupid houserules
which have to go. For example : One of our little group who plays Squats,
managed to convince the rest that his bikes should get the 1's reroll as
infantry does. Well, i play Orks, and as a result, not only does all his
infantry reroll 1 and 2's, but his bikes as well, making them much more
powerful. He doesn't pay any extra on his bikes for these, arguing that this
is a squattish trait, and all is as it should be. On the other hand, i've
been known to exploit the system, and field a complete detachment of Nobz.
This is not disallowed with our rules, but noone thought of doing it before
me, so they were all a bit stunned when the Orks kicked a** :)


PS : NetEpic rules. Keep up the good work!

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This is basically what GW has done in the Epic 40K rules. This is of course
possible, but not without revising the entire army construction concept. You
would have to remove the army cards and use army lists instead. Our little
gaming group has done this, but we are not satisfied with the results yet.
It gives you more flexibility in your army construction, but we have found
it difficult to balance the system.

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> In the rules there are listsings for character models and a point cost for
> a
> charcter stand (i. e. medic, libranrians, chaplains, ect). Has amy one
> thought of using a plus point value to upgrade an exhisting stand in
> adetachmnet . So if you had a 4 stand terminator detachment you could add
> a
> librarian to one of the stands for X pts and add a tech marine to one of
> the
> stands for X pts, then the detachment would consist of 4 stands at normal
> cost plus 2X (there I finally got to use some of that calculus I learned
> in
> collage
> drklrd
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