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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 18:57:20 -0600


can someone explain me the concept "unreliable" explained in the orks army
I read that only kustom weapons are unreliable, but I don't understand if
these weapons are the only ones that I can give to a mob in the presence of
mekaniaks, or I should mean that all the orcs weapons unreliable, with some
"unreliable: is a "skill" in the heresy core rules. Any time a unit with unreliable weapon there is a chance it will explode. Note that this skill is diffiferent from the kustom weapon rules. Those tables ONLY apply to unit you selected to receive mekaniak special weapons.

Concerning what I mean for kustom weapons (only the mekaniaks one), I read
the I must roll on the custom weapons table to find its effect; the same
table state that the effect is, with the exception for a roll of 10, for the
turn only, while the rule state that the effect is for the entire
game,what's the correct rule?
Soon the updated and edited versions will be available and correct these mistakes. You roll once on the kustom table and add that effect to the selected unit for the rest of the game. Anytime THAT unit rolls a 1 or 2 to hit then use the malfunction table.


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