[NetEpic ML] [EPIC]Tunnelers and Shokk Attack Guns

From: Deda <Shawn_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 12:24:00 +0100

Hi all.

In the recent days I managed to convince my friends to try Netepic and now
they are enthusiastic of the game (I only had to wait four years caressing
my Squats and waiting to bring them back to the battlefield !!!)

Reading the Net Epic rules many little questions flooded my mind, and
there's two of them (the others will come in the future...)

1)I did not understand clearly how tunnelers work. I have two contrasting
ideas, and I would like you to tell me what's right (if any)
    a) Tunnelers move normally during the movement phase but underground.
During the movement phase they can also surface from the point where they
are following the given rules.
    b) Tunnelers are not deployed before the battle and may surface anywhere
on the battlefield. Once they surfaced become exactly like any other ground

I strongly think option a) is the right one, but I am not sure....

2) Orks may purchase for 100 points four Shock Attack gun stands. This allow
them to shoot four times per turn, with some chance of detsroing auto the
target. And that's acceptable. But is it real that if my Colossus is
attacked H2H by a band of squigs it cannot do anything else during the turn

I personally had the experience of having in the first turn of battle,
before even shooting a bolter shot, two Overlords without chanche to shoot
and another one destryed.

Have I mised something in interpreting the rules, or Orks really have this
pretty good weapon ???

Thanks all !!

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