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From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 15:29:51 +0100


> stefano andreoni wrote:
> > > the Avatar is useless (Just try to play at least one time Eldar and
> > > see), maybe could you allow my Eldar Army to take some of your greater
> > > demon instead...*grin*
> >
> > I only agree with you for its (avatar) compulsory movement rule, but if
> > read the rules you see that this guy move 30 cm. (page 4) and even if it
> > for a bolter (remember the -1 to hit) he draw so much fire that save
> > precious units, in particular after the second turn when it will be at
> > charge range. Really you can take some cheaper unit and try to constrain
> > to follow you where you want, but in any case we are speaking about
> > something for free!
> Eh eh, maybe you really don't play so much with or against Eldar? ok
> I'll show you a trick, take a Byke or some other unnecessary "fast"
> piece go near the Avatar, move the tail and *snap* the Big Idiot will go
> in "Search & Destroy" mode along the "rabbit", really useful eh?

I played eldar for long time before the long hand of chaos took my soul,
infact they were my first army 10+ years ago, and I know very well how eldar
could be letal, but I still remain convinced that if you enscort him with
jet bikes or else you could engage similar menaces. In any case for free you
take something that sometime could be a problem.
Recently I played against my own eldar army with my beloved chaos, I had two
plague towers full of trolls that run toward the eldar line, the eldar had
two companies of tempest that since the first turn of the game mouled them,
but my cards helped me to survive, when the avatar arrived, if until now I
didn't fear too much the eldar fire, for the first time I feared their
destruction and this wasn't the first case I tested.
Instead you dind't answer me if you have seen any greater demons go in close
combat, specially if your opponent are IG or Squats? Generally in a three
turn based game they run for 60 cm. and they aren't unable to contact
anything; so if your tactic is a long run toward the opposite table edge,
the only avaible IMHO, you can forget to do something interesting with them
and your choice will be directed toward towers, lord of battles etc.
If you have the key to show me how a bloodthirster or something similar can
do what you think, please explain me how.



> For a GD you take Chaos cards, you have some bonus for your force,
> nothing compared to the "Raged Big Dummy" anyway if you want reduce the
> movement to 20 for the Avatar, do it, it remain useless believe me,
> demons it's worth the price, avatar don't, even free.
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