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Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 13:16:57 -0500

All non Physical pyschic attacks go right thruogh the sheilds
so there is no save. But your Magus as a Nullify psychic power automaticly
hits, but you can not use him next turn. So jump your Titan out of range LOL

as for the wave serpeant move the necron to the edge of the template and lay
on side, at end of turn roll to see if it fixes it self

Sheilds work on genoraters or machanics, weapons and vehicals depend on
computers and such to work targeting and reactor flow. So NO it dose not
effect sheilds.

Yes it effects all vehicals Titans inculded

NO it moves at half rate for that turn next turn if out of the feild it may
move full rate.

Yes if it move from one feild to enother it must roll to see if may move in
that field. But feilds should never over lap, they should touch each other.

Neron are the Slann children and are not fully developed, besides there is
only one Necron skimmer in 40K and that is the destroyer. But I feel you are
right I would Like to see the Slann have skimmers but keep the Necrons more
of a Terminator movie feel. As for jet bikes, The Slann are way to advanced
for them They would rather have a warp jump generator straped to their back
then fly around on a bike.


Yes rot would rot wires, and other weapons would have similar effects.

Yes but what other Titan can move 40cm or across the board, not be first
fired at and have that much fire power. You may be right though for if you
warp jump it you lose the sheilds for that turn. May be for that cost it
should still keep its sheilds but not be able to fire any warp weapons.

Yes when moving normally but if warp jumped then you may face the titan in
any direction you see fit.

Hope this helps you I'am a big fan of the Slann myself and have been play
testing them for sometime now and these are the conclusions that we came up
with from are gaming group. Check the new rules in the valt. You may only
fire the Mantis missiles every other turn now, Kroxigors went up, skinks

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> o the Slann titans have any kind of psychic saving throw? Power and
> Void shields offer a 4+ psychic save as far as i can remember, but
> what about the warp displacement shield? If so, does the warp shield
> offer that pychic save to all units with a warp displacement shield?
> What happens when a Wave Serpent fires its wave at a Necron unit with
> a nullify field?
> What happens to a dragsta's shield when within a nullify field (or other
> shield
> types). Do the nullify fields really just affect targeting systems, and
> shields?
> Since this is some sort of Electromagnetic distortion effect, shouldn't it
> affect
> more than move and to hit? Maybe the shields would flicker, like the
> power
> shields?
> Does the nullify field affect Titans/Praetorians and Knights/Super
> When it says all vehicles, does that include Super Heavies?
> When it says all enemy models suffer -1 to hit for each nullify field,
> that
> include Titans/Praetorians and Knights/Super Heavies?
> If a vehicle makes its nullify save, and can move at half rate, is it able
> to
> move at full rate again if it should exit the field? If several fields
> overlap,
> does it make a new save if it should leave one field and enter another
> (seamlessly)?
> Why aren't all the Necron vehicles skimmers? Since Slann are older and
> advanced than
> even the Eldar, they should have the technology to create skimmers.
> Why are there no Necron/Slann bikes/jet bikes? Necron bikes would be no
> different than any
> other Necron vehicle imho.
> The IG Warp Missile ignores shields, does that mean that the Dragon's
> warp
> cannon and other warp weapons/effects do so as well?
> Since the Necrons are in essence machines (silicon based lifeforms with
> CPU's), are
> they affected by squig catapults, Rot and other similar weapons/effects
> which are
> obviously meant to affect flesh creatures?
> Are the slann titans costs balanced? We almost never play more than 4-5000
> points, and
> a titan at 2500 really cuts down on my choices. They're weapons aren't
> great,
> they're fixed, and the shield only gives a 2/3rds chance of stopping an
> attack.
> A single warp missile in the back, aimed at the warp generator could
> take
> out the titan.
> Do the slann titans follow the same standrad movement rules of titans, or
> it more
> maneouverable like the Eldar titans?
> Lots of questions at the same time, but i really think some of these need
> be clarified,
> and i would appreciate some answers :)
> Rune Karlsen
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