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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 19:05:23 -0600

just a bunch of questions:

1) Can walkers enter in a building?
For most walker the answer is NO. Eldar walker are considered very manueverable and MAY enter buildings, but it only applies to Eldar dreadnought

2) What is considered "walker"?
Anything that does not use, tracks, feet, wheels or organic appendages. basically if it has two mechanical legs like a titan or knight or dreadnought its a walker.

3) After a Hellbore is surfaced it can move up to 15cm, at the end of each
movement every model under the big template is potentially hit? (I think
only once when it surfaces)
The big template is used ONLY when it surfaces, not any more in the game. It may move 15cm maximum per turn.

4) IG army list composition: Hydra AA for the IG, don't you need too many
miniatures to be usefull? I noticed that to be really usefull you need at
least 3 detachment of them ( = 9 miniatures), maybe in the next army list
revision there could be detachment composed of a lesser number of models.
Hmmm.. perhaps. I'd probably use the newer rules that we'll adopt for the revision. A detachment of 3 will be enough.

5) When i fire a barrage to pop up units I can hit only one of them or more
than one (of course if they are under the template)?
More than one. all the tempalte can cover.

6) Does the revision work, that started near the end of the last year, stop?
Nope, I was waiting for Ken to get his computer and stuff together. I will recommence shortly.

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