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One option (hang with me here) is to move the reactor to the rear of the
Warlord. Keep the saving throw as-is but it can only be hit from behind.
That should reward players who like to manuever.

I personally like my staging regeneration but if it comes down to "one
number, no variables" I'd throw in with 4+ repair for VSGs, maybe bump the
Eldar repair rolls a bit and keep the orks the same.

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> 1. Void shield repair is on a 3+ as well as repair
> JS: I think this is too much. 4+ is sufficient for both.
> 2. The reactor on the warlord should be a 1+
> Definetely. The warlord hull is the crappiest in existence yet it's still
> the most expensive.
> Jyrki Saari
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