[NetEpic ML] Re: Vehicle close combat

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 17:45:24 -0800

Hi Tim!

I know everybody has thier own opinions about Charge Attacks, and Death

My personal feelings are that Death Roller type attacks should stay with
the Orks. I think this is one of those things that give the Orks thier
own special flavor.

That being said, however, I think a case could be made for giving the
Death Roller advantage to Gorgons. Both types mow down trees, why
couldn't Gorgons bulldose infantry? Of course, Death Rollers (Gotta
love that name!), would be more effective. Maybe a 5+ for Gorgons to
destroy infantry.

For the most part, however, I'm pretty happy with Close Combat as it is
now. I think it's my favorite part of the game. I could easily live
with NO changes being made.

Warprat ;)

> Why not give vehicles a charge attack similar to the one that the ork
> gibletgrinder has, so if a vehicle charges an infantry stand and rolls a six
> the stand is eliminated and it may engage another stand, etc. This takes
> into account infantry getting run over perhaps this rule could be extended
> so that super heavy tanks such as stormhammers can run over light vehicles
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