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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 02:50:30 -0500

> Yep, agreed. I mean 'techpriests' kind of sums it up. The Imperium
> doesn't really know how this stuff works, the rituals are more like
> magic than mechanics (as far as the priests are concerned).

Yep. In Rogue Trader there is an interesting example of this. The fluff
specifies a huge number of rituals which must be done and the very last
states: "if all this is done properly the device should start when you
the button labeled "ON"".

Jyrki Saari

-->I disagree here. I think that the tech-priests have a full grasp of
the mechanics of the various technologies, but have applied a mythic
background to it. It's more like taking a cook book, and making the
baking of a cake onto a religious ceremony. If they no concept of the
basics, they would not be able to repair, let alone create "new"
mechanical devices. All that has been done really, is to put a religion
around the engineering. They may not call electricity and fusion power
natural things, but divine powerings from the machine god (which also
happens to be the Emperor). While some of the physics behind all of it
may have been lost, they still know how to harness and use all that
"divine power" to their own ends. Zen and the art of Titan maintainance
is a big seller on forge worlds I understand...

Josh R
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