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The different weapon types are shown in the models, Space Marines come in 5
stands and therefore need 3 hits, Leman Russ come as 3 standsand therefore
need 2 hits (except for the -1 weapon it only needs one hit), Imp guards
come as 10 stands and therefore would need 7 hits, ect.. That is what shows
the variances of weapon types.
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> put it simple, like if infantry/ vehicle stands want to take a sheild
> down
> then all in the unit must fire at the Titan only 4 or 3 ( or 2/3rds round
> up) out of the unit need to hit to take a sheild down but all must fire
> at
> the Titan. This would show how they had to concentrate their fire power
> to
> do such a task.
> --->this would work, but doesn't cover the variances between the fire
> power of an infnatry stand, and a tank. think about the differences
> between a battle cannon on a leman Russ, and a stand of marines with
> bolters. But something like this could probably work.
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