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The Necron will be tackked on the end as for Slann players to choose from, I
worked the Exodus so that they may stand on their own as a army based on all
the fluff I,ve gathered. Not much has changed, few new units, some point
uping, and the abllity to play the Slann Exodus as a self standing army. So
long as Peter likes what I've done, he will be the Editor and final say of
what goes on.
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> Hellreich and I were playtesting the Slann as well as Dark Eldar. I know
> finished a rough copy of the Slann rules. They may be in the vault. From
> what I can remember is that the Necrons were cut out, more ground units
> added and more based on the original Rogue Trader book. Our gaming group
> a copy and we use it for ideas.
> DArius
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