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Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 22:25:06 -0500

it was just an example of the types of power, not as a proxy for the weird
boy forces the energy form orks into his will, Thus the Slann mage forces
the warp power to his will, as you see physical attacks not psychic. Maybe
a bad example, The slann mage really only uses all non psychic attacks, the
only real psychic power he has is to nullify all the rest are controling the
warp. He don't have the abillity to take a Titan out like the Imperium and
the Eldar, no real psychic save (must use his own powers to save self then
may not use any the next trun), and he cost 225-300pts. If you want dump the
slann mage the way he is and give the Slann race the Eldar powers or even
the Imperiums. I,ll trade all that for the abillity to take out a Titan one
shot no save for 125-150pts any day you want pal. Boy, some pepole just
don't know when they got it good or is some pepole just want to be able to
shoot your mage to peices and because he has a good save can't do that so
they want him to cost a fortune. Well maybe we should redo all psykers give
all 25cm range, all have the same save, all have the same powers, and last
but not least all cost 300pts bet them astorpaths and warlocks would never
see the light of day from your army carrying case if they only had 25cm
range, and cost 300pts. Heck they would never get to use any of their powers
for all those little umpas (Squats) would blow him away. ----- Original
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> The Slann Magus is no weird boy. For one he doesn't have to charge up from
> the units around him and he starts the game with power and doesn't explode
> when he takes too much power in. The Slann Magus is a psyker it is plain
> simple. It takes more psychic ability to create a warp hole that eats
> than it does to build a psychic shield. The Slann are the best psykers and
> comparing them to weird boyz is like apples and oranges, both are fruit
> that is all. The weird boy cost 200pts.
> Draius
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