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You work out damage as normal Darius as you do for all pyshical non-psychic attacks. The Eldar warlock has 4 powers read what I wrote before. It only takes a sheild down and I said before I've played it worng a few times, but know that I'm wrong now. Agian work out damage as normal. As for the Quake cannon you can also get this on a Knight unit of 3 of them for only 450pts plus they also have lascannons 2 attack dice -2 to save, thats 6 -2 hits and 3 -4 hits only for 150pts more fixed save of 2+ from sheilds LOL your point of an 85pt weapon is mute. LOL did you read the astropath cancellation any model/ models more then just one, with in 75cm, may be cancelled on a dice roll, he adds +2 to his roll. The Slann may only affect one model, loses his powers for the next turn, and cost 200pts more. As for command units they all are command units. As for his power I see that the points are right for this model. And this has been your beef the whole time I've played the Slann in this group, and I'm tired of it. One unit of knights that are 150pts more than one model have a better save, can lay down just as much fire power as he can, plus you would still have your psyker some where on the battelfeild. LOL silly man. Besides just how far can a Falcon grav tank move 60cm on charge right?, may drop off its Warlock, witch can use its powers up to 25cm thats 85cm, and say good bye to your Titan in the frist round right through sheild no save. Slann move up to 50cm at best, unless you chance the warp jump witch could let us not forget gubble him up happened to me before, in the weakest Mech plus 75cm, thats 125cm and I at best could only get afew sheilds down not kill it. But being this close to The Titan almost always spells death for the Slann Magus. So once more (your point is???)
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  You don't understand that no other race's psykers get 4 powers and can be suited up in a knight classed vehicle. You also forgot the warp hole power which needs to be defined. Does it go through shields or does it take one out? Can it destroy a superheavy, praetorian or superheavy or does it use the damage location chart? If it does use a damage location chart does it scatter because it is a psychic attack and is directed probably more accurately than a normal weapon. The one power is equal to a Quake cannon which costs 85 points for a titan the other power can nullify other pyskers, no psychic save, that has to change. In addition you get a mech that now becomes a command vehicle and has special targeting rules, can move at charge rate and fire in first fire phase. This is in addition to its psychic powers.
  Read the rules more closely, the other psyker can destroy titans but they need to be at least 25cm near the target. When something move that close it is coming under a lot of firepower. Plus there is a 4+ roll needed.
  Eldritch storm only hits a titan when it has no shields otherwise takes out a shield and pushes units to the side. There is much you haven't factored in when making your comparisons.


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