[NetEpic ML] Re: Range question was New to list,a few questions/ideas

From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:11:16 -0600

The question here is twofold,really. For one,when you measure distance when
dealing with unit coherency,is it middle of the base,or closest edge of the
base,or closest point of the model? It makes a difference,since if it is the
center of the base you will be forced to pack in closer,thus making yourself
more vulnerable to barrages.For titans and such firing,I can understand
measuring from the weapon (its what my group normally does),but is this the
way the rules require normally?
Ah, I see.. for coherency use the closest edge of the base. In the case of firing from vehicles and other such units fire from the center of the unit, its by far a lot easier.

This also goes into ranges for weapons.If a weapon (or psychic ability)
measuers from the center of model/base the range is reduced... significanly
reduced for titans.but if your titan is posed right,with its arm out for
instance,you can actually add a few centimeters to your range if you measure
from the weapon.
thanks again.....
Hehe, true, in case of titans, I'd still measure from the weapons, if you "steal" a couple of cm thats okay, your opponent can do the same.

I Personally go for the base as being the area where the titan is... it is
assumed that the models in the game are exaggerated in size so the your
infantry are actually taller then the base they come on : ).The base,to me
,represents where they are... the general area,so to speak. Same with a
titans base... it is walking down the road,blasting away,and its template
denotes its stride,arms moving as it shoots,turning to improve its firing
This is a very reasonalbe approach as well. the key is uniformity, if you do it one way, do it for everything that way. Since base size is standard for everyone, your suggestion sounds very fair and by all means use it.


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