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From: Weasel Fierce <septimus__at_...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 15:09:04 GMT

>It always annoys me that armoured vehicles can easily be destroyed
>by infantry equiped with Bolters, shotguns,etc.

well, remember that infantry bolters also take into account misisle
launchers, meltaguns and krak grenades etc. which is carried in addition to
the units main armament of bolters.

>In order to make them more resistant I invented a savingthrow based
>resistance value.
>This value can be determined by subtracting the basic save from 7.
>example Leman Russ: save 3+/ resistance value 7-3=4
>If a shot penetrates the armour you need to roll equal or higher
>than the resitance value. Save modifiers are added to your roll.
>example Devastator Marines firing at Leman Russ - penatrating armour
>need at least a roll of 3 / 1(save mod.)+D6 >=4 / to destroy the
>The more potent a weapon is in penetrating armour, the more it is capable
>destroying the target.

Isnt this rather an inverted second save?

Have you playtested it yet? It appears to make infantrty VERY vulnerable

>What do you think about that rule?
>(sorry for any mistakes - I'm german)

Forgiven :)

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