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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 22:48:53 -0800

Hi Weasel!

Well, I'm glad you have a sense of humor, after I more than suggested
that you were the worst of all racists, AN ORK HATER. ;)

It's good to have a difference of opinion. Life would get so boring,
without a good rough and tumble discussion, now and then.

Death Rollers seem very Orky to me, along with huge pincher claws, and
spiky bits. Maybe it's the Orks you find rather ridiculous?
No, I really like the new feel of the ork army in 40K.

I think I'm going to sick up! You actually like anything in 40K?

What is ridiculous is how these things can roll right over eldar howling
banshees, genestealers, assault marines and similar troops which surely
wouldn't be standing around in front of a big noisy ork tank

I do not find the Rollers to be overpowered, most games I've played as
Orks, I never even get a chance to use them. When others take Orks
against me, it almost never seems to happen either. Perhaps you need
to change your tactics?
Yeah, but to fight the orks you gotta be pretty aggresive yourself ior
else they will swamp the objectives with infantry, and shooting them
away is next to impossible.

Actually, my Pals find my moves rather conservative, for the most part.

My Dread Wolves (Space Wolves) opponent likes to use Drop Pods, and
Thunderhawks filled with Blood Claws and Wolf Priests. Talk about
aggressive! Dread Wolves make Orks look like sissys.

>It always annoys me that armoured vehicles can easily be destroyed
> >by infantry equiped with Bolters, shotguns,etc.
> well, remember that infantry bolters also take into account misisle
> launchers, meltaguns and krak grenades etc. which is carried in
> addition to
> the units main armament of bolters.
> >
> >In order to make them more resistant I invented a savingthrow based
> >resistance value.
> >This value can be determined by subtracting the basic save from 7.
> >example Leman Russ: save 3+/ resistance value 7-3=4
> >If a shot penetrates the armour you need to roll equal or higher
> >than the resitance value. Save modifiers are added to your roll.
> >example Devastator Marines firing at Leman Russ - penatrating armour
> >need at least a roll of 3 / 1(save mod.)+D6 >=4 / to destroy the
> >tank.
> >The more potent a weapon is in penetrating armour, the more it is
> capable
> >of
> >destroying the target.
> Isnt this rather an inverted second save?
> Have you playtested it yet? It appears to make infantrty VERY vulnerable

Well Weasel, for once we are in COMPLETE agreement here. Your comments
are spot on.

Can you believe it? Kelvin actually mixed us up:

True. But the weapon listed under the stats is simply the MAIN weapon
the stand is armed with. Tactical troops still have Missile Lauchers,
Meltaguns, Plasma Guns and Krak Grenades (as Warprat stated). Its just
a helpful abstraction so's to avoid any unecessary detail.

Keep those comments rolling Weasel, your a good Sparing Partner. It's
too bad we don't live close to each other, you'd be a great guy to game
with. Just watch out for those Dread Wolves, they come from, above!

Warprat ;)
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