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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 15:25:44 -0800

More $.02!

> 3.Quake cannon-overpriced, by a lot, only one shot and the
> volcano is a lot better, I'd say its not worth more than 50
> points
> >disagree for you can take out a building with one shot, and
> -3 or -4 on 1D6 not much of a differance still going to much
> damage I say 100pts for if you check out the Knights with
> this gun they are at 130pts each and no one is crying bout
> that.
> >rules are fine
> Theability to destroy buildings in my experience is a little
> used one since titans have better things to shoot at. While
> 50 may be too low, I definatley feel its 75 point weapon,
> never more than that.

I recently put the building destruction tactic to the test. I armed a
Reaver with 2 of these. In three turns of firing, I never knocked
anything down. My Reaver died shortly after firing on the third turn.
I did not shed a tear, rather, I celebated it's loss!

Yes, this weapon has the potential to knock buildings down. But it's
not worth 100pts. I want to say 50pts., but could settle for 75pts.

> 17.warp missile, same here as above
> >up pts to 400 for this is alway a Titan killer, and as such
> shuold cost as much. This will limit to game size as should
> be
> >leave rules as is
> this might be the way to go, make them insanely expensive
> and that will limit them pretty much.

Please don't make this weapon so expensive, no one will use it. If your
going to do that, then let's just get rid of it. This weapon is common,
has a lot of history, and is one of the things that makes Epic fun. It
really adds a lot of "Flavor" to the game. My vote is for just reducing
the warhead. Please, let's not go too far, on this one!

> 22.Corvus, too expensive unless the termies are included,
> I'm okay with leaving the cost if termies are included.
> > ok now I know your on crack LOL it cost 350 pts for drop
> pods and you have to give up your rihnos, you don't get an
> extra die in close combat, and after all these are termies
> +4-+6 CAF already. Protected by void sheilds, if Titan goes
> down they get to roll there fixed save. Come on up points
> 250
> > change rule for arm pod and let termies be deployed on
> ground also.
> hehe, actually the cost of a termie company at 350, the
> price is mostly from the landraiders (about 100 each) thus
> leaving the price at 150. but I can live with 200 if you
> can.

Termies do not save if the titan/pod is destroyed, check the rules.
If the termies can unload on the ground, I'd agree with 150pts. If not,
then this weapon has a very limited role, and should only cost 100pts.
Of course, the Termies are free. You give up a good arm weapon to get

Terminator detachment 350pts.
Landraider detachment -250pts.
Terminator Total 100pts.

Warprat ;)
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