[NetEpic ML] Re: Net Epic Revision: Titans

From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 09:35:40 -0600

The Slant at the moment id to accept the hull costs as follows:
Warhound, 200 points: reaver 300; and Warlord 450.
>> 3.Quake cannon-overpriced, by a lot, only one shot and the volcano is a lot
>> better, I'd say its not worth more than 50 points

75 for this I think. It has its uses. Perhaps we should give it back its
Barrage Template?
Hmm, thats not a bad thought, if we give it a template like it used to have, I'd support a cost of 75 point or perhaps 100.

These are some of the best Titan weapons of all IMHO. I LIKE the rules the way
they stand. Sure you can't use any other weapons when you use the Destructor
or Cannon and the Destructor stops you moving next turn. Who cares? Put it on
a Fire Support Titan. Destructor, Fire Con tower, Chain Fist and Melta Gun are
my favourites. It just stands up the back and shoots once per turn with the
Destructor. If anyone gets too close, you haven't been shooting them enough.
But just stay on First Fire and when they charge you, let loose with the Melta
Cannon and then use the Chain Fist. Easy.

If we make the Destructor and Cannon drop shields, no one will take them. I
certainly won't. I like them as is.
I have caved in to the pressure! Okay guys the slant is to leave as is.

>> 13.Multi-launcher, if you played AT you know this is NOTHING like its
>> predecessor, it just plain sucks. I say either give it a save modifier of -1
>> or extra templates to earn its points.

Very, very, very true. I'd support this whole heartedly.
I'd give the multilauncher a -1 save modifier to balance it out.

Yes, yes, yes Apart from the HArpoon, these are just too good. They need
adjusting. Either make them expensive or make them specials. Or restrict it
to only ONE of each type per game, period.
I'd definately supprt the idea of a special card or 1 per titan, which do people prefer?

And as to the Deathstrike variants, I'd like to see some newer versions of them
come up. The Warp Missiles are supposed to be almost as hard to produce as the
Vortex Missiles. But the IG use them everyday? Yeah, right. Perhaps the IG
should just get two versions: an Anti-Tank and an Anti-Personnel missile.
Nothing fancy.
When we get to them in the IG list no doubt a heated debate will arise, one things certain they need to be changed and streamlined!

>> 18.All close combat weapons, they rules are okay, but why pay for them, how
>> often does close combat occur in these rules? Not very much unlike AT. I'd
>> save give people an incentive and give close combat weapons for free

Or make them dirt cheap.
The slant is for dirt cheap.

I'd really like to meet you one day, Peter. You and I seem to think alike.
You must be a great guy!
The internet is a very cool thing, you meet all kinds of nice people and actually making pretty good friends, its drawback, never being able to meet or at least with much difficulty is a pain. Heck, I've dealt with some of you for over three years and would not recognize you if you walked in front of me! Those like Kelvin, whose been around for awhile may notice we do think alike, how else we got all this done and are still together? I feel lucky that all the cool guys followed me when this all began, its become more than making a gaming, I actually feel I come home everyday to talk with my many friends, even if I cant see you! Then again with communications getting even better and affordable we might have real time conferences in the not too distant future, heck I got a digital camera and a DSL line waiting for any of you to do the same and finally meet in flesh (digital flesh that is)!

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