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From: Weasel Fierce <septimus__at_...>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 15:45:36 GMT

>Its all a problem of vision I guess, Kelvin and I remember what this weapon
>USED to be, it was one of the best weapons to get, now its pretty trival.
>ANY IG battery is better than this. ANY alternate barrage weapon is better
>than this. The problem is NO ONE uses it. If a modifer is a bad idea,
>multiple templates is pretty bad too.
>To leave this weapon without a modifier really doesn't give it much to
>compete against better weapons of this type, range? Not enough to
>I cant think of much of a compromise. Heck, I'd rather scap this weapon
>altogether an bring back its original form at least that way if you gave it
>a high cost no one would agrue since its really good. This thing was
>originally anti-titan! It had a good chance for criticals too. It acted
>more like a hunter killer barrage than what it is now.
>Just a shame to see this weapon not used, with such a glorious past!
>What to do?

Well, look at the model. A multiple rocket launcher is the size of a god
damn imperial bombard. But bombard shells bring down buildings in one shot
and have a huge save modifier.

The devastating hail of missiles unleashed by a multiple rocket launcher
most surely be potent and effective. WHile I can cope with the weapon firing
a hail of fragmentation rockets scything down light troops, it should still
be better than whirlwinds.

I rather see it firing incendiary plasma loaded rockets that spread heat,
plasma, fragmentaiton and armour piercing splinters all around. Certainly
thsi makes for -1 to save. Possible even -2. Or ignore cover.

> >
> >>> big deal 3 weapons but the weekist one is a template and that negates
>cover. And the others are close range, this one shoots across the whole
>battle feild. And now you want to make it a Light tank killer too. Cheese
>factor coming on. Then fine give it 3 templates but then only allow it to
>shoot every other turn. For at this rate, me and Peter need to change the
>cost of the Slann Titan, cause you are going to make the warlord stronger
>then the Impreator.
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