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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 20:32:26 -0600


After a little more mock min-battles today I came up for suppression values. To keep it simple and non-random, titan weapons will have cause ONE chit of suppression regardless of firepower. Most titan sized weapons either fire sustained lasers or a lot of small shells so I figure they balance out in the end. titan artillery weapons suppress as the regular artillery does at ONE chit per 2BP's for the attack.
This way we represent these weapons suppression power and eliminate die rolls (not bad eh Ken?).

As it stands now the suppression system works as originally intended. The only difference its that the penalty is higher for more suppression giving a reason to go for more suppresion that wasn't there before. How you accrue suppression and how it is removed remains th same. It was more expanding the rules than changing them.

Regarding anti-infantry and armored vehicles, after trying this principal out some more I find that my original idea of them penetrating ONLY on a roll of ten (pretty much the same as Ken's suggestion) is a better one. This is due to the fact that it would make good anti-infantry weapons like heavy bolter and slann miniguns too powerful, since qalthough the y hit on a 9+ the penetrate like any other weapon and some of these weapons have apenetration of 2! this is too much. Now if the to hit roll is the same but penetration is a 10 and ONLY when in SHORT range, then you woul do this ONLY when pushed to, since its easy to hit, but VERY difficult to penetrate- as anti-infantry weapons should be.

So, in summary anti-infantry weapons may fire at armored units but only penetrate on a roll of 10, no modifiers may ever supply. They may suppress at half value. I found it does not occur to frequently. An average unit of 5 stands can on average suppress 2 vehicles (remember to round down). Only units of 6 or more can every hope to suppress a full 3 vehicle unit. Given most vehicles better accuracy and heavy bolters the troops may be in for a bad day if they are close enough to suppress (since most infantry weapons are shorter ranged than heavy bolters). This is not even taking into account that the vehicle may shoot and suppress the infantry long before its in range.

Infantry get their, albeit slim, chance to do something against armored vehicles. The best way of course will still remain to be assault combat, where infantry usually has the edge.

If anyone has more comments on points value please make them. Up to now only Magnus was found to be under priced, since the formula kinda breaks down at this level. The rest however seem to be okay, at least what I have seen.

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