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Why not Khorne as Khorne supplies a huge number of vehicles to any chaos
army. It makes sense that the squats would be there maintaining them.

PS: In the board game, Horus Heresy the chaos squats were fielded by Nurgle
and Khorne as a side issue there stats were:


Compared to the Imperial Guard who varied between
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  Now we are talking......

  Chaos squats, should be based on the Squat army list, but we must take
care to remove some of the most unique Squat units. This to make sure that
the Squats retain their uniqueness and to give Chaos Squats their own
flavor. I'm guessing that the guild bikers, and some of the superheavies
should be the first to go. Secondly we should decide if the squats should be
followers of a specific chaos god or not. I think CS should be followers of
either Slaanesh or Khorne. I think shlaanesh would be the best choice. They
could have their own deamon engines as the focal point of the army, I dont
think Titans is the way to go, as this seems sort of unsquattish to me.

  Well that's my initial thoughts on what would make a good Chaos Squat


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    Chaos Squats!
    I would absolutly like that!

    It has to be a stand-alone list though, with some exclusive qualities to
differ the list from regular squats and chaos renegades. A list which just
added chaoscards to the squats would be a bad sollution.

    I cant think of any such qualities right now, but I would definately
want to se a such list!

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      From: Hellreich
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      nope go to the shed and get the shovel out, whynot bring back the good
old chaos stuntties in full. Make them another part of the chaos list, with
some bikes and tanks of there own. I seen some good battletech minis that
would fit the bill for a stunty Titan. HHuumm I need to finish the project
that I'm on now but, seems we could make a list for them.
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        From: Shawn Zumwalt
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        Well then, perhaps those chaos dwarves can only maintain effectively
what they themselves field, or at least what is fairly close? Have I dug
myself a big enough hole yet?


        "Sometimes there just ain't enough rocks"

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          From: Peter Ramos
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          Actually according to the fluff, chaos dwarves are the ones who
maintain their equipment. So technically they can still have all their
original equipment in working order.


          Shawn Zumwalt wrote:

OK. This lurker is going to step out on the chopping block. I could seethe
CSMs getting T-Hawks and teleportation abilities if you're playing aHorus
Heresy-era army. They've turned to chaos but haven't gotten all ofthe chaos
abilities. This would essentially mean they are regular SMspainted in chaos
colors. You could even do this with IG. SHV and all, butno demon
armies.Outside of the Heresy, I would imagine the equipment would just wear
out,with no way to replace it. I can imagine a Beastman trying to repair
aT-Hawk. "Hey, Lard-breath, give me the electro-spanner" "Lard-breath,
why you..." Sounds of delicate equipment breakingAnyway, that's my story
and I'm sticking to it. I'll just fade back to mylurking.Shawn"Sometimes
there just ain't enough rocks"teznet_at_earthli!
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'Ere we go again! Amazing how somethings never seem to go away isn't it?
Anyway, I'm one of those who likes to get some more for Chaos,especially
CSMs. Now, for my take on things, I'll try and go issue byissue. 1.
Transports. Rhinos, LRs, etc should only be available andusable by CSMs. I
just can't really see Demons or the monstrous critters(trolls, Minotaurs)
getting in or out of them easily, or willingly. LikeOgryns, they shouldn't
be able to use them (Ogryns don't like darkcramped places, like rhinos).
Rhinos should be part of the Chaos list,available for use by CSMs only.
2. The infamous T-Hawk issue. Well, I do think Chaos should getthem, but at
an increased point cost (x2 at least), with the restrictionit be used solely
by CSMs. No transporting Demons or monstrous types.Also, they should only
be able to get 1 for every 1000 points or so ofCSMs (and!
SMs on!
ly. Points for the others don't count). 3. Chaos can't get
everything in the Imp lists. No Imperators,no SHVs (imagine a Chaos army
with a CI or Leviathan, plus Shadowswordsand baneblades, YIKES!), and much
of the "newer" parts of the Marine listare also unavailable. 4. The
"combination" issue. Chaos and the Imps are supposed tobe the big nasties
of the universe. Chaos and Imps should match upalmost equally against each
other. That's the fundamental theorem of howthe 40K universe is. Eldar are
good, but lack umbers. Orks aremediocre, but have lots of numbers. Squats
are somewhere in between.Bugs are nasty, running the gambit across the
spectrum. Never used orplayed against Slann, but they should be in the same
category as theEldar. The Imperials generally use combined arms,
drawing from thevarious organizations to form a force. IG with Marines and
Titansupport. (I still don't think the !
TG should be separate army). Yes,they do operate individually on a regular
basis, but the "norm" is forcombined arms. Chaos is similar. The four
powers have their own uniqueflavor, and the combine to form Black Crusades,
or raids on worlds. It'sthe nature of the beast as it were. I still
find the issue of combining lists somewhat off center.the issue I think is
not the lists, but the players involved. As Peterhas pointed out on several
occasions, there is no truly "invincible" armyout there. Since I started
playing, I have always played a combinedIG/SM army. I lose as often as I
win. Same applies for when I playChaos. Chaos needs more support, with
only the Khorne Demon engines, andthe only fliers being Silver Towers, Fire
Lord, and Doom Wings (none ofwhich are all that great). With out these
additions, you can usuallydefeat a Chaos army with lots of artillery,
pounding them to bits beforethey ever get in!
 CC. I know, I've done it. Also, Chaos really doesn'thave an AA unit, so
they are highly vulnerable to air power. Play balance is all fine and
well, when it makes sense.Sometimes however, play balance gets sacrificed to
fit the concepts. Ifyou want true play balance, play Heresy era only, using
only the Imperiallists against other Imperial lists. Or just play Eldar vs
Eldar. That'splay balance. still, even if using identical army lists, play
balance isskewed by the players themselves. Experienced vs inexperienced,
or justa difference in styles alters the balance. A good player can win
nomatter the armies being used under most circumstances. Random dice
alsofactor in too don't forget. No offense intended here, but I see
most of the arguments againstsomething as whining over an inability to
defeat certain armies (orplayers). Changing the rules so you can win on a
regular basis is muchmore cheezy than!
 using what's in the army lists IMO. Not that I amsaying that is the case,
I don't know for sure, but that is how itappears at times. OK, I think I've
run my corse for now....Josh RMinister for General Mayhem"Don't let the
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