RE: [NetEpic ML] Army card update

From: Tom Webb <mail_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 17:48:03 -0000

Hi Peter,

        Congratulations on your new daughter! The army cards sound great, we can
get them uploaded ASAP. As reguards space, there are no restrictions at all


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Subject: [NetEpic ML] Army card update


As I awaited the birth of my new daughter (who was born yesterday at a
healthy 8 lbs and 10 onces!), I managed to kill time (and tension) by
rapidly making more army cards. Currently I have made all the IG company
cards and am quickly making the support cards. At this pace (since I'll
be home for a week or two, between dirty diapers and formulas of
course!) I should be done with IG/tech guard by the week end. Chaos and
tyranids will follow soon after that.

Since the vault is too crowded and lacks the required space they will be
available on the epicentre soon. I wil announce this as soon as it occurs.


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