Re: [Epic] Warbuggies, Bloodletter, and Daemonettes Oh My!

Date: Fri, 03 Jan 1997 16:50:57 -0500 (EST)

>>>Hello fellow Epic players. I trust that you have all had nice holidays
>>>and New Years Festivities but I would like to pose a question for you. Do
>>>stands such as warbuggies, Bloodletters, Daemonettes, etc take bases
>>>like infantry and bikes or do they just stand by themselves? It seems
>>>like it is hard to keep the daemonettes standing since their metal base
>>>is so small. Thanks in advance.
>>It's really up to you, but everyone that I have ever seen have been on
>>bases. They do hold together better when based, and you get to flock them
>>and they look a lot better
>The daemons, sure - base them up. But warbuggies? I wouldn't.

I based my Warbuggies and I prefer it that way for the reasons listed above
(i.e., they look better). Also, some opponents might consider it slightly
"cheesy" not to base them, since you can theoretically get more buggies
around a large model. On the other hand, having them on bases makes each
buggy effectively 6cm wide for purposes of screening nobz bikes and the
like. Personally, I think considerations like this are trivial since they
will have no real influence on the outcome of a battle. It might also
be worth-while to recheck the warbuggy rules, sometimes it tells how the
units should be based (though I would assume that you already have checked).

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