Re: [Epic] Emperator Battle Groups!

From: Mike Roop <roop_at_...>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 08:28:40 -0500

Actually two of the Imperators are slated to join my chaos forces in
the form of abominatus and another undiscloed Imperator from Tzzentch.
Let it be know, that the exact totals of my forces would total alot,
as the local gamin store sells their blisters at $1 each and I bought them out
Maybe someday Ill total my forces up and post them here, if I ever have a
free ;-)

>At 12:30 PM 1/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>On 4 Jan 97 at 12:33, Brett Hollindale wrote:
>>> At 04:15 AM 4/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>> >Yea , I like all 4 of my imperators too. You bet ill make up rules
>>> >for them for the new system.
>>> >Mike
>>> >
>>> >
>>> That's a lot of Impirators.
>>> What about the Impirator Battle Group...
>>> 4500pts, three Impirators for the price of two...
>>> What could be fairer than that?
>>> Agro
>>Even though I am an Imperial player and got into Epic primarily
>> because of Titans (especially the Imperator), I would have to say
>> that the idea of an Imperator Battle Group would make me soil my
>> pants. Somehow, I'll bet it's against the spirit of the rules, but
>> if your opponent lets you, it's his funeral. (Personally, I only
>>field one per game.)
>>Seth Ben-Ezra
>>Great Wolf (and occasionally Princeps)
> Come on! Where is your sense of adventure? Excellent idea! 3 Imperators
> for the price of 2. Would make for a most violent game!
> I would love to face off against 3 of them ... with 9 Warlords!
> The bigger they are the harder they fall? Unless they fall on you!
> Just think of all the destruction on the table! I love big engagements!
> If one of you folks fights with an Imperator battle group, PLEASE let
> us know how it went either way.
> Keith
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