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Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 08:17:27 -0500

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> Hi there guys,
> I am a little curious as to how you folks model your Warlord Titans.
> I find that just attaching the weapons (either from the weapons sprue or the
> metal bits) directly to the old Warlord Titan (armpit ?) gives the
> impression of the Titans of having extremely short arms. The Reaver Titans
> do not have this problem.
> The Titan does come with a weapon holder/ mount with can be first attached
> to the armpit (?) after which the weapons are then attached to this weapon
> holder/ mount.
> Which approach is more favourable and more cool ;)?

        The plastic holder bit looks pretty silly, IMHO. And
yeah, the Warlord looks mighty strange if you just stick the
weapons in the arm mounts as is (and that's not even possible
for the Reaver/Warhound sized weapons). My solution (for the
1 Warlord I've actually had the time to put together) was to
make my own 'holder bits' - 1 for a volcano cannon, right arm
(the top of the corvus assault pod & a short length of tubing)
and 1 for a turbo-laser destructor, left arm (the top half of
the reaver chain fist). Once I decide how to arm my other 2
Warlords I'll have to come up with conversions for them, too.
Time consuming? Yeah, but it looks damn good.

> Also, for CC which weapon is more useful (generally) - ChainFist or PowerFist ?
> Personally I prefer ChainFist but what do you guys think ?

        No contest - Chainfist. The Powerfist is THE most
useless titan weapon around.

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