[Epic] Eldar Army for sale

From: Keith Zanardi <xenofobe_at_...>
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 07:19:55 -0500 (EST)

       I am looking at one of the most beautifully painted
    Eldar armies I have seen. This stuff is sweet. There are NO
    titans but there are 6 Tempests (in Saim Hann colors man these
    are nice) 4 Wave Serpents (2 primed, 2 I don't no how to discribe
   the paint scheme but it is unlike any I have ever seen) 2 Doomweavers
    2 Firestorms, 1 Prism cannon, 12 Falcons beautifully detailed, 2
    sets of Warwalkers, 1 old style 1 new, 12 of the old Dreadnoughts
    4 of each class painted to match 4 Wraithgurd Det. (they look like
    a titan I had seen in SM Battles)3 Nightwings (agin in Saim Hann
    colors with decals)
    The rest are the troop stands.
    All are COMPLETE units
    1 Exarchs (just like in SM battles)
    1 Harliquins (the uniforms are all mixed the hair is rainbow pink
                  blue, green etc. these are excellent)
    1 Scouts
    1 Warpspiders (out of CJ. These guys REALLY look like warp spiders!
                   there is this little counter on the back of the stand
                   that looks like a warp gate. real nice)
    1 Howling Banshee
    1 Fire Dragon
    2 Companies Gurdians (ALL have flag bearers and heavy weapons) 1 is
                          Ulthwe (black w/burnished gold) the other is
                          Luganath (blue W/copper)
    2 Vibro bat.
    1 Scatter laser bat. (this was a converion piece looks real good)
    3 Warlocks w/falcons to match there color schemme
    2 Dire Avengers
    2 swooping Hawks
    2 Striking Scorpions (these are my favorite)
    1 Avatar (new style this is a definate Golden Daemon winner)
    1 Wind Rider Host (all blue with flamed Cowlings. Must of been a
                       bitch to paint)
    All of the models are flocked AND the models that use a circular
    base, have a faux granite trim. These are sweet!
    Everything is in a new (well looks new) tackle box. All models are
    either resting on foam or, have a little metal plate on the bottom
    of the stands which stick to the bottom of the box due to the
    magnetic strips which line the bottom of the box.
    As I look at the lot only 2 pieces (wave serpents) are NOT painted.

   Well, you are probably wondering how I came across them. Well, a soldier
   who is my freind here at Ft Campbell, needs money. I would take it myself
but, I have
   Eldar already. (But I was tempted) He is asking $200 for the lot.
   plus whatever it costs me to ship it.

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