Re: [Epic] Epic Goffik Rokkerz

From: Alan Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 07:53:35 -0800

Keith Zanardi wrote:
> Anybody out there interested in an Epic Goffik Rokkerz
> Tour Wagon? I have one built primed white with a
> band on stage, drum set, cymbles, speakers, etc.
> (as described in Citadel Journal)
> I will never finish it as work is over loading me.
> So? Any offers? Trades?

How about I send you a few tails, and the Khorne Skull head. Yes, you'd
be getting the best of the deal, but what the heck, you have done all
but beg for the tails, and I was going to send a few to you anyway.

Your address, please?

BTW all my Ork Battlewagons are converted. I rather went to town carving
the plastic - I might send you a few of my earlier efforts included, or
would you just like the info on how to do it?
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