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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 18:16:24 +0800

At 09:52 AM 1/16/97 GMT, you wrote:
>There seem to be quite a few consciencious objectors to the premise that
>Squat Super Heavies (and Colossi in particular) cheese all over the humble
>Imperial Reaver Titan.
>It would be fair to say that if there is no defence against a warp or vortex
>missile then the Reavers are most definitely better value for money. If,
>however, you get a void shield saving throw (as I am pretty sure you do)
>then two Colossi should take down three Reavers while losing only one of
>their number.
>It would be a long and tedious post to explain in detail why this will
>happen, and so I
>won't waste my time and yours unless soomeone realy, realy wants to read it...

I most probably will be staying back in office until tomorrow morning :( So
perhaps you can e-mail it to me personally.

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