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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 07:48:09 -0500 (EST)

Excerpts from Epic: 20-Jan-97 Re: Squat units (was Re: [E.. by Brett
> >> > And a very distinct 1 in 6 chance that any shot will kill you, straight
> >> > up, no saving throw.
> >>
> >> You have to be kidding me. All this means is that tac stands
> >> can actually shoot you down if you stray too close, unlike most SHVs.
> >
> >Actually, that's one area you cut out my point to; unfortunately, I
> >killed the original. He (Brett) was pointing out the 50% save and 1+
> >saving throw, and totally ignored the 1-in-6 chance of dying right off.
> >(I will admit, I think I probably went a little overboard in my defense
> >of the Overlord, but the fact that he ignored part of the save
> >completely was... annoying.)
> In my own defense I think I should quote the original
> >Overlord Airships Companies.
> >Go to high altitude, move and FF death on anything (cause you can see it
> all...)
> >Fixed 50/50 save (better than anything except an avatar) and if you fail
> this save, >there is still a 2 in 3 chance that you save on a 1+ all round!
> More firepower than >any other 250 pts unit... What more do you want?
> Now, it seems to me that I said that 50/50 it is totally safe (that would be
> 1-3) If you fail this, then there is still a 2 in 3 chance that you save on
> 1+ (4 to 5) and that leaves the 1 in six chance that the thing
actually fails > its save that you seem to think I have forgotten. (6
on a d6)

I'm more questioning your wording in that passage. You made no mention
of the fact that the Overlord could outright die, whether it's hit by a
lowly tac stand or Magnus' Beam of Power. To me, you left the
impression that the Overlord was nearly invincible; a 1-in-6 of going
"boom" is not, at least to me. (Probably because that's how I keep
losing Overlords... and I have actually lost one Overlord to the first
shot that hit it, not to mention to a single Pulsar sweep or the Tyranid
Dom's psychic Barrage, both of which cause d6 hits.)

Basically, I was trying to present the other side of the coin for the Overlord.

                    Aaron Teske
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