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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 23:41:26 +0100

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>What are you kidding? I love my doomweavers. They reach out and touch
>someone. Idirect fire is not a problem because they drift anyway. Anything
>psychic locked, stunned (by eldritch storm or wave serpents, etc.) or
>otherwise immobile is dead. Demons can't use cards to save against them (I
>can't remeber if that was a published Q&A or if it was one that our group
>wrote in about). I think you just arent' using them correctly.

I think you are wrong (or it's just an house rule) nothing say that demons
can't use
cards to save against Dooms ... and I'm an Eldar Player ... BTW tha last
game I plaied
I won in turn 3 with a chaos force against an Eldar player ... my warlord
titan made a pop-up
attack with plasma destructors against 3 tempest and 1 firestorm ... 4
toasted models!

(I'm not a chaos heretic, but I have all the chaos army list and I like to
use it sometimes)
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