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From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 14:58:53 -0800

>> From: acc_at_... (Tony Christney)
>> >> I assume that everyone agrees that chaos champions aren't command units?
>> I agree that the chaos marine legion champ is a command unit. After all,
>> he is leading space marines, isn't he? The thing that really bugs me
>> is that it is nearly impossible to protect the chaos champions. Both
>> trolls and beastmen are much less effective without them, hence they
>> usually get shot first.
> What happens to beastmen if the champ dies??? I could have
>sworn that the Trolls were the only ones that suffered for losing their

The Beastman Warband card says "If the chaos Champion is killed the warband
will go on charge orders for the rest of the game. The Beastmen attempt to
engage the nearest enemy in close combat when possible"

Anyone who has played as Tyranids will tell you that this sometimes works
against you. An example would be if you are using them to hold an objective.
Your opponent takes out the champ first turn. Then your opponent draws the
Beastmen off the objective with a cheap unit, then takes the objective in
turn three, usually costing 7VP (5 for the objective, 2 for the warband).
The problem is, there is no way to prevent your opponent from targetting
the champ. Chaos is the only army where all of the crucial command units
can be targetted freely. It is just too inviting for your opponent to start
using tacky tactics to hamstring your army.

Giving the champ camo is a good idea, but it is sort of tough to still
use the required model. I still use a converted space marine capt. as
my CSM legion champion.

>>You can try and hide them, but this seriously
>> restricts movement depending on the terrain.
> I think the best thing to do, because of the trolls, is to
>institute a house rule that treats them like IG Section HQs - they
>aren't command units but are targetted as such. That pretty much
>seems to be their purpose anyway. I don't worry about it myself
>since my opponents don't bother to single the troll champ out.

Believe me, mine go to great efforts to single out my chaos champions.
It pisses me off in principle, as they are never even close to being the
closest target. I rarely even risk them in CC, because I like a bit of
control over my troops.

Tony Christney
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