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From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 09:11:17 GMT

At 09:49 PM 22/1/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>> It seems to me that most of us call cheesy anything in an opponents army
>>> that is hard to destroy.
>>> Be it the eldar doomweaver. Which as an eldar player I find next to use
>>> less. Or the squat super heavy vehicles etc... I have to agrre with
>>> the person that said that every army has it's strengths and weakness .
>>> So to win we have to get beyond that cry of cheese and get into
>>> exploting those weaknesses.
>>> Later
>>> John
>>I'm glad to find someone else with the same opinion of Doomweavers.
>>Since subscribing to the list I've been astounded at the number of
>>refrences to Doomweavers as cheesy. As an Elder player I rarely
>>field them, as the usually proove next to useless.
>Hear hear! I have to agree with you on this one, as I often question why I
>shelled out the cash to buy the models in the first place. The few times
>I've ever had mild success was when I played an Ork opponent with some
>truly "orky" tactics; really thick concentrations of troops and vehichles,
>where there was no room for a unit to dodge the web; slice and dice! But
>how often do you run into people who bunch up their units that much?
>>On the subject of cheese in general, I think that players should look
>>at the cheese from the other players point of view a bit more. In my
>>experience it is just as annoying trying to play with a *potentially*
>>destructive unit, as it is against it. This is because your opponant
>>spends so much effort trying to counter your threat that you rarely
>>get a chance to use it to its full potential.
>I've only ever tried to sink a titan with these once, and my opponent was
>so scared when he saw the Weavers he fired all of his *Plasma Destructor*
>shots at them (that was how I intended to nail the Titan; it wouldn't be
>able to move after the first turn.)

If he took a Plasma Destructor against the Eldar and used it while there
were still DW's on the table, he got what he deserved...


>>I'd go so far as to say that there are no cheesy units in the game,
>>only cheesy combinations ( such as the much maligned overlord company
>>in small battles). As long as players don't try to abuse the spirit
>>of the game, I have to agree that all the armies are pretty well balanced.
>>Colin P
> Perrin
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>a critic - which is a poor thing at best,
>a sort of fourth-rate prophet suffering
>from delusions of gender."
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