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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 10:53:53 +1100 (EST)

> I'm (almost) afraid to ask, but don't models with void shields get a save vs

 - wave serpents.

        Ummmm well theres taht bit in the FAQ which says they do - however
I seem to remember that at the Gates of Fenris EPIC faq theres an answer which
says they dont..... Also theres another question which basically says that the
void shields give saves against psychic attacks only and NOT against warp
based non-psychic attacks....... Unless GW is going for their inconsistant
rules deal again Id say they dont (yes I DO play Eldar , but after playing
chaos,orks and marines against ELDAR too (we swap armies here occasionally)
I agree theyre gross like this but no grosser that loads of other units -
trolls , Magnus , weirdboys , shokk attack guns , thunderhawks ..... take
away all of one army's good/cheesy units and leave the others intact and you
soon end up with one underpowered army). Not that Im whining that eldar are
that bad but its kind of strange that we've got pretty much the only units
that have been cut back in these editions of the rules (jetbikes , scorpions,
banshees...) (and yes Ive heard about the first ed Hellbore) and Ive never seen
the eldar army as THE best. Maybe Im a worse general or play less degenerate
 armies than the people I usually play against. Still I keep feeling that the
rules which make an army better are usually made by the GW member who plays
them and the ones that cut them back are made by someone who's just had a bad
 day against that army :).
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