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From: John A Chapman <jac_at_...>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 11:29:44 +1100 (EST)

> On Fri, 24 Jan 1997, John A Chapman wrote:
> > It still doesnt get around the question
> > 'Do void/power shields get their 4+ save vs warp based attacks as they do
> > psychic attacks'?
> >
> > A:'No'
> This is what the Gates said and the FAQ that was answered for this list
> says the opposite? I do wonder about who answered the gates Q7A's but
> they haven't been undated in a LONG time anyway so...
        No No No No No.... the GATES specifically answers about the WAVE SERPENT
  in the opposite manner to allen's one , but the above quote comes from
allen's FAQ!. So are they claiming that 'no' is actually ' no except for wave
serpents?' .......So actually there are 3 responses that are relevant to this
question 2 supporting the WS one supporting the shields.One of the supporting
questions is at each site. See what i mean by inconsistant?

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