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Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 14:38:34 -0600

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>While we're on the topic of what constitutes an Ork clan, what about
>Mega Gargants? We had been treating them as special cards until I
>noticed that they were listed under clans on EPICentre. How do they
>fit into this schema? Can more than one be taken or does it count as
>a clan (and is therefore limited to one unless all other clans are
>bought)? I was assuming the first answer, but does anyone have any

They are played as a clan card. You can even take a Gargant battle group
with them. The question I have is how their detachment cards behave. Do
they take the default orders of whatever clan you designate, i.e. if you
paint the gargant like a Bad Moon Gargant can you take braincrushas and Shok
Attak Gunz and park them on a hill to stay on the Bad Moon first fire
default orders for the whole game? This seems to be the intent to me.

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