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Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 01:57:41 +0100

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>This is also stupid (IM ever so HO), because they discourage people to buy
>the 'previous generation' boxed sets.

he he there is no limit to GW stupidity :) "....hey Gav, why we don't sell
our old boxes? ...I don't
know Ian.... this is a mistery..."

Talking about stupidity ..... GW have the intention of doing italian version
of all the products....
like you can imagine at the moment it's impossible to find in Italy White
Dwarf, citadel Journal, and other stuff 'couse the Italian versions are not
yet ready.
Now I'll try to foretell what will happen with epic 40k .... until the
Italian version will be out
we couldn't play with the new system!!!!! oh what a Joy!!!!!! thanks Games
why your marketing plans are so good, so exciting, I can't read the WD
english version neither the Italian one!!!

"...hey Gav, why we don't sell any WD in Italy? ... I don't know Ian ...
maybe all the Italians play Warzone?"

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