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At 01:57 AM 26/1/97 +0100, you wrote:
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>>On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Lorenzo Canapicchi wrote:
>>> I won in turn 3 with a chaos force against an Eldar player ... my warlord
>>> titan made a pop-up
>>> attack with plasma destructors against 3 tempest and 1 firestorm ... 4
>>> toasted models!
>>First of all, since when do warlord titans do Pop-up attacks
> with the right chaos card:
>"WINGS-when played:On a unit at any time.
> Effect: All of the models in the unit may move as if there were
>skimmers this turn,
> and may make _pop-up_ attacks in the combat segment.
>>and second,
>>what do you mean plasma desctructors? You can't fire more than one, you
>>can't fire anything else or move at all if you fire a plasma destructor.
>yes I referred to the 4 shot of one single Plasma Destructor.
> All is well now?

It does say that chaos cards CANNOT be played on daemon engines or the lord
of battles. (Presumably since they are mostly mechanical.)
However it also states that chaos cards represent "mutations" and it also
states in the description of chaos titans that they are hideously mutated...

It doesn't actually say that you can't use chaos cards on titans, but it
wouldn't be a too unreasonable interpretation.

What we do is we figure that the chaos cards are more like one shot magic
spells rather than "mutations that the unit uses (once) to gain an advantage".

This being the case, most of them (including wings would be useable on
titans, but it sounds like something you should ask your opponent about
before the game...


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