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From: Cameron Bentsen <stu7i95_at_...>
Date: 29 Jan 1997 10:43 EST

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> > Trolls and minotaurs are only 'cheap' compared to
> >beastmen, which are overpriced IMHO. Tarantulas are worth
> >exactly 100 pts as far as I'm concerned, they rarely do
> >much of anything the times I've used them. The squats aren't
> >bad but they're not exactly a steal, either. The Thawk is
> >definitely underpriced, but marines get them as easily as
> >chaos... and while chaos titans get a free +2 CAF and can
> >use the energy whip, I haven't seen a single titan fielded
> >since TL came out, so you're comparing a 900 point chaos
> >warlord to a 500 point imperial one (or a 500 point chaos
> >reaver to a 333 point imperial one).
> >
> > Chaos does not get any breaks when it comes to
> >force selection. If you really believe that, go look at
> >the Tyranids.

What do you mean here? You think that Tyranids have an unbalanced army
list? I'd have to disagree -- some individual units can be cheesy, but that
can be said of any army. Overall I've found the Tyranids to be a pretty well
balanced army. Plus, the fact that they can't take allies and have a relatively
small army list means you get bored with them that much quicker.

> Personally the only thing that keeps Chaos slightly below the rest is the
> fact that they can't get the BG's. I think that Chaos are actually one of
> the poorer armies, if only slightly. I believe all of the armies are fairly
> even, especially compared to 40K armies and WFB armies. The armies are all
> different, but most armies get a good chance to beat the other armies. Some
> are just little better or poorer, but not greatly so.

I'd have to agree, although I'd rate Chaos as a little better rather than a
little poorer, since they have the potential to gain access to most of the
Imperial stuff through I.G. allies/Chaos Marine equipment. Also I don't think
the lack of battlegroups is all that harmful since I find Titans are generally
not worth the amount of VP they give up. Nevertheless, I do find it annoying
that Chaos can't officially take battlegroups, since it goes against the game
history and since I'd like to be able to take Titans occasionally (other than
the LoB) and single Titans aren't even close to worth it.

> I think he mentioned earlier in the message that the guy using Chaos was a
> pretty good player, and I think that makes far more difference overall then
> pure army type selection.
> >Scott
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> >
> >

I'd have to agree here, as well.

Cameron Bentsen, Ottawa
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