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Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 00:56:34 +0200 (MET DST)

>> I worked as an apprentice to an armorer and got paid in armor for the
>> I put in. Come out with some nice stainless steel helmets and such.
>> nice stuff if you can afford it. Never got enough time or money saved up
>> to get the stainless lorica though. Now that is some armor worth
>> And it looked really awesome once it got buffed out.
>> That Chuk Guy
>> Ex-Warrior/Scout for Wolf Clan
>Sauron1 writes; This topic is appropriate for the title of this string.
>The effort to make armour,even with modern methods must be very time

It very much depends on the armour. Well fitted plate is quite demanding
(technically) but takes less time as the pieces get bigger, chain mail is
easy to make (low skill requirement) but quite time consuming, scale armour
of plates riveted to leather is actually quite easy, quick and effective...

>To learn I can see you really taking an apprenticeship just like
>in history to learn your craft.

That's why we call it "living history"...

An "apprenticeship" IS probably quite desirable if one wishes to become a
"master", but "munition grade" (practical, functional) armour is not that
hard to make.

>A few questiones; Do they rivet the mail,

Only real fanatics.

>is it made from bought flat or round wire,

A lot of it is made from spring washers with a round cross section. The
links are closed and butted using two pairs of pliers, and the high tensile
strength of the spring steel makes rivetting or welding largely unnecessary.

>does anyone use flat scale mail,


>and like any hobby the new people must be a whole lot less armored that the
>"old hands".

Well, our lives aren't actually on the line so most people cut corners. On
the other hand rigorous safety standards ARE enforced so accidents are
relatively uncommon. (Hands, wrists, elbows, knees, head, neck, kidney,
groin and females breasts are required armour points.)

>I think you must have a very good medical plan too. sauron1

Nah, footballers need a good medical plan. In twelve years the worst
injuries I've suffered were self inflicted (muscle strain). In a dozen
years I've heard about a couple of dozen broken bones and a loooooot of

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