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From: Brett Hollindale <agro_at_...>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 15:27:21 +0200 (MET DST)

At 04:10 PM 18/8/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>>Now, you may say to me, "oh, so sit down and paint one detachment a night,
>>>you'll get it done in no time." Sure, and I'll not see my girlfrined who
>>>70 miles away,
> Yeah, long distance romance is tough enough...
> I'll not spend any time with my family, I'll not spend any time
>>>playing the multitude of other games out there, I'll not play any computer
>>>I happen to own, I'll not do anything around the house that needs to be
>>>and I'll not do anything else I might plan on doing because I work 5 days a
>>>and have many other obligations.
>>Actually, I would say a stand when you can, not everyday. I'm on summer
>>vacation, and spend most of my time bumming around the house, but even I
>>don't paint a detachment a day.
> Personally, I'm starting with the vehicles first, then moving on to the
>stands. Chaos has lots of models that are just big enough (Flesh Hounds,
>Horrors, Bloodletters, etc.) that they require more attention than the
>average stand yet are numerous enough to be a pain in my nether regions...
> Maybe I should alternate: a stand or two, then some demons, then some
>vehicles just to keep from getting bored. My army is about 3000 pts and I
>feel slightly daunted by the numbers...
> BTW, any good suggestions for Chaos color schemes? Black and red and white
>is all well and good, but it's BORING!!

Well, I went for dalmation flesh hounds, rotwieler flesh hounds (I cut their
tails off), pink poodle flesh hounds (with a ball of cotton wool on their
tail tips), blond alsation flesh hounds... (I'm sure you get the idea!)

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