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You wrote :

>I read the whole cycle and wrote my Grade 13 Major Essay on Dune. I

Really? Could you tell us more about this? This must be very

>heard of the Honered Matres, who were the enemy of the Bene >Gesserit.
As for
>the Tleilaxu, the Tleilaxu were giving the Bene Gesserit spice from
>Axtotl tanks.

Did you manage to write "Axtotl" without looking for in the book? :)

>The honered matres were hard to kill, their legs acted without
>their brains, so the could kick real fast. They were flawed, because
>used sex to control their population. Herbert spent all of Chapter
>Dune explaining why this was a bad way to govern. They were also all
>Tleilaxu can be destroyed, they just clone themselves. Bene Gesserit
>spot a Face Dancer a mile away, so they're no problem.

Face Dancer... Yes, I like the name in English altought the French
translation is good too : Danseur-Visage.

Of course Bene Gesserit seems to be invincible but it's not true. At
the end of the cycle the Chapter is destroyed few time after Bene

>Duncan escaped by himself, he took Shianna with him.

And with the Tleilaxu Master Scytale...

>I hvae read the cycle, have you?

I've read it, don't worry. I'm happy to discuss with people who
appreciate Herbert.

What is the part of the cycle you like the most? (is this English?)
I love the two first books when Atreid and Harkonnen Houses are in
war. The universe is much more interesting than in the following
books : there are the Sardaukars, the Fremens, the Landsraad, the
Bene Gesserit and the Space Guild is still powerfull... The only
problem is that the Bene Tleilax is not really involved in these
events, it plans its actions to dominate the universe and doesn't
have time to spend in "little spice wars on Arrakis"...

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