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J. Michael Looney wrote:
> Alan E & Carmel J Brain wrote:
> > Paulo Alexandre Correia Pombal wrote:
> >
> > > No, but by the way, am I the only Portuguese player on this mailing list?
> >
> > Looks that way. And Indonesia is STILL conducting genocide in East
> > Timor.
> And it seems to be on fire as well.
> But what does that have to do with ANY type of super human dudes with bolters
> fighting off hoards of aliens that appear to have something in common with
> fungus or algae

Well... you COULD say 1) that the Indonesians are behaving like
Ghazzgkull Thraka with a toothache OR you could say 2) that my post was
blatantly off-topic, and political, for which I sincerely apologise. I
prefer 2) myself. In mitigation, I can only state that the usual .sig of
a certain portugese contributor contains similar wording, which I was
alluding to, and throw myself on the mercy of the court.
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