Re: [Epic] Eldar Titan Wings

From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 16:01:46 +1000 (EST)

>>I don't think so. I ignored this bit for quite a while, but now I have to
>>make a comment. If the wing is destroyed or damaged the holo-fields go down.
>>There is nothing to counter this at all. The damage result says the
>>holo-fields stop, so they do. To me that states fairly clearly that yes they
>>most definitelt DO need both to work the fields. Anything else is just
>>adding a bit more power to the titans. Mind you I never bother with aiming
>>at the fields, A good hit to the head or reactor is a far better way of
>>killing them.
>I know exatly what the rule means and I never intended that I did not, I was
>just throwing out an ideaabout fluff and such to see what the response
would be.
> Timo
>thy J. Kilgore

I understand that this was all you were doing, but I was just concerned that
you were taking the fluff a little too far. To me titans are good value as
they are, especially with the battlegroup cheaper costing. I've just been
listening to the other responses, felt that it was incorrect IMHO, so I
thought I'd throw in my two cents for the other side. It's just that so many
of the damage results can be read as ambiguious, that the rules for them
should be followed. Following the fluff can cause trouble. Like the LOB
fiasco that was brought up here. The rules were blatantly obvious, but the
fluff saw someone break the rules badly.
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