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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 12:43:28 +1000 (EST)

> Hiya all,
> how would people rate thunderhawks just used as ground attack fighters ????
> I was thinking of a detahcment of 2 (185 points) ????
> Let me know what you think.

        Well on the negative side - point for point you will get more firepower
from maurauders (just) and with the 'each flyer shoots at one flyer' rule
theres the potential for you to lose more points worth of thunderhawks in
a short space of time.Also a thunderhawk is probably going to fire last
in any given air to air situation.
        On the plus side for the t-hawks they pack a heap of firepower
(8 for 80 pts is pretty close to maurauders at 5 for 45 and Pheonixes at 6
for 50). Their range is as good as it gets for flyers. Ok theyll shoot last
against most fighters (but heck fighters are usually going to go first
anyway) but they get 4! dice to shoot back with. Most importantly they get
6 armour - twice as hard to send home as most flyers in the game and 4 times
as hard to kill in most situations. These last 2 facts saw in my last game
5 Nightwings getting trashed by a group of 3 Thawks in AtA (there were 9
nightwings in 2 groups to start with. First time only 5 attacked for the loss
of 3 (with no THawk even scratched). Second time another 5 attacked for the
loss of 2 more....Ok that game was worse than normal but not THAT much worse).
    The 6 armour makes the Thunderhawk the grossest flyer in the game. It
also leads to the interesting situation where Thunderbolts and Fighta Bomerz
are better suited to killing the than Nightwings(supposedly the best fighters
in the game - ok Tbolts and FBz are only better in this situation cos the
one stat where the Nightwings are better doesnt have a direct effect and
the Tbs and FBz are cheaper). Im just glad eldar get AT flak............
        The extra survivability of the Thawks (meaning more will actually
get to shoot at the ground targets) should more than make up for their
lower firepower per point than Maurauders.
    This is really one of the few major probs which I have with epic. Doing
most things on one 6 sided die doesnt leave enough room for fine tuning.
Maybe they should have gone with d10s....
        SO to answer your question Thawks on ground attack should do just
fine. Heck theyd almost cut it as interceptors except for the fact they
can only kill one opponent (max) per intercept (and at 80 pts you couldnt
have enough. - 80 points may be a little cheap but at least theyre the
most expensive flyer in the game - someone noticed.....).
        Thawks are I love.hate thing with me - Id love them if eldar had them
, they dont so I hate them :).
                                                rant rant
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