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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 02:20:34 +0200 (MET DST)

At 01:24 PM 24/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> I used a detachment of 5 Bloodthirsters in my 5000 pt battle
>>against Erik Rutins a few months back. It did OK, I think they're
>>almost worth having for the shock value ("50 assault?!? And how
>>fast!?!"). Initially the 'thirsters were set up across from some
>>massed eldar formations that Erik *refused* to move towards my
>>daemon horde, =( so I rerouted them over to the middle of the table
>>where Erik only had a SM armor detachment mixed in with an IG armor
>>detachment and a Warlord titan (opposing my Warlord, Reaver, and
>>cultist support platforms). The 'thirsters pounced on the last of
>>the SM tanks, killed everything they got their hands on, and then
>>got broken in the firefight with the leman russes. They fell back
>>and the game ended. I game away from that game with a real
>>appreciation for how much daemons (both kinds) *suck* when
>>assaulting defensive positions by their lonesome (not just because
>>of my experience with the 'thirsters, I also had other daemon
>>detachments in that game).
>-----> Yep, that's pretty typical for the HTH/short ranged monsters:
>People steer clear of them as much as possible while dumping
>all kinds of fire on them...whatever game you're playing. A lot of times
>the trick is finding out at what point your opponents crosses his
>"danger threshold" as in "those units are too powerful to ignore" and
>I'm pretty sure 25 B-thirsters is over evryone's limit.

I've been refraining from mentioning it, but "Blood Thirsters" are Greater
daemons, and 25 of them would cost so much that I know you're talking about
"Blood Letters" - the lesser daemon of Khorne.

(I have 50 15mm lead orcs which I use as bloodletters or trolls - although I
never field more than three detachments of either - or of anything else for
that matter - at a time 'cause it violates my personal "rule of cheese" that
"more than three's cheese...")


>Apparently, 5
>is over some people's... : )
>Chris Miller
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