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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 16:37:32 +1100 (EST)

> Excerpts from Epic: 27-Oct-97 Re: [Epic] Wave Serpents by Neil R.
> Thomason_at_lancast
> > A lot of people seem to have jumped on my suggestion that Wave Serpents are
> > skimmers. I know perfectly well what the rules say. However, they don't
> > specifically say 'The Wave Serpent is NOT a skimmer'. What I'm suggesting
> > is that GW made an error of omission, and that, for movement and pinning,
> > they should be treated as skimmers. Obviously, no pop-up attacks, though.
> [snip]
        Ummm this is going from a very hazy memory but werent Doom Weavers
missing the skimmer trait too? Not that it was a big problem.Running a squad
of bikes just in behind the WSs stopped the pinning problem. I think they
were intentioonally not skimmers to cut them back a bit.

> > To extrapolate, I'd say all Eldar vehicles are skimmers, apart from walkers.
> > All skimmers with their own engine, could, IN MY OPINION, qualify for the
> > 'can't be pinned' rule. Support platforms, merely being pushed by their
> > crew, aren't quite the same.
> Yuck... That 'can't be pinned' rule has killed so many of my bikers
> it's not funny. :( I'd hate to face an opponent when all of my units
> could be shot at from CC...
        Yes lets see how much sense this rule makes. Skimmers float above normal
 troops allowing them to be shot at all the time. Yet they arent high enough
that they dont crash if they finish their turn over impassable terrain
(look a river - lets go swimming.....). A bit of a contradiction that.........
Not to mention that since the skimmers are so high up that you can shoot them
clearly would seem to imply that their opponents are so much lower than the
skimmer that it would be logical (arrrrgh not that word wrt a GW game!) to
assume that this would mean they were open to clear shots too would it not?...
Its a little harsh to pay extra for skimmers then to have them screwed over
so much that the ability isnt worth anywhere near what it costs.....

The group I played with was cool with not being able to shoot skimmers in
CC (Tempests as SHVs excluded of course) . We did have some rules about
teleporting weapons (Shokk Attack Gunz , Warp Missiles etc) going through WS
shields too though so it wasnt all one sided . :) Of course this is just a few
more instances where a few sensible house rules can iron out some bugs.....

                                                rant rant
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