[Epic] New Support Weapons

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 11:44:13 +1100 (EST)

Are these rules official or are they optional ???

Secondly, how damn cool are they. WOW.

        Well it depends on your definition of cool I guess. Ive always been
a fan of you pay for what you get. Just comparing support platforms (Eldar-SM
) and seeing Marines get a price break (15-13pts) I hate Marine SPs already.
Making them the cheapest flak units in the game (ok this is on the dubious
assumption that they still cost 13 each for the variant) doesnt endear them
to me any more - especially when you can have 3 in one support slot....
        Ok so the 3 imperium forces are meant to fight together. This has always
 struck me as being damn close to allowing allies. On the other hand each Imp
army alone suffers from some overly fatal deficiencies so Ive usually been
happier seeing them mixed and having a decent opponent than seperate and going
into the battle knowing Ive got an advantage in troops. Doesnt filling in the
holes for the space marines (with units such as flak - hell these seem to be
one of the best point for point flak units in the game - complimenting the
marines best tank (LRs) and best flyer (thawk)a - and possibly in the future
other flyers) seem to violate this principle. It does seriously reduce the
penalties involved for playing an entire marine army......
        Has anyone out there played with or against pure marine armies
enough to have formed an opinion on whether these enhancements are warranted?
Marines do lack some stuff but they already have a number of significant
advantage to help make up for this.....

Support weapons are 13pts each (or is it 14??). Either way, for 26 (28)
points you can have 4 points of flak in a marine detachement. That should
be plenty to drive off most flyers.

        In relation to another thread - the Great Harlequins on Vypers - no
i would not take one. But if you want to see a loss in value - compare
Librarians to Farseers. The Librarian kicks the farseers butt in assault and
armour , range and special abilities (but lose out in FP - while not on OW and
move). Overall Id guess the librarian is a bit better - but costs 15 poitns less. Is this solely to give the marines a bit of a points break because the
librarian is their only psyker? As is I rarely take farseers because they dont
seem to be worth it........
                                                        opinions anyone?
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