Re: [Epic] Skaven: NOT WD 217 free gift!

From: Peter <peter_at_...>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 17:57:00 -0500 (EST)

>A case in point; necromunda was not developing a strong following with
>many of the gamers in our area, until the outlanders compendium came out
>featuring elves, orks and tyrannids in a HIVE of all places. The many
>really crappy excuses for them being there, but suddenly our group
>doubled in size with people wanting to make gangs of those races.
>Sadly, most of the new rules and gangs really ruined the game for most
>players, and the group disintegrated after about a month. So the other
>consistent thing about GW's games is that they would all be much better
>with a sensible magic/ psychic system.
>So I KNOW that Space Skaven will come, as will SPace undead (necrons, I
>bet), and Space lizards. It may not be for another few rules iterations,
>but they will come.
        For one thing the aliens in Necro and for Speacial senarios and
        campains, and for annother do the undead armies have large bugthings
        NO! where there an all female army in FB NO! And that means that there
        won't be space skaven.

        Peter defender of the 40k legacy
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