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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 09:16:37 +1000 (EST)

>> >Could someone please tell me why in the WORLD you would rather have an
>> >Orkish lungbursta than an Orkish Gutrippa? The are the same in
>> >EVERYTHING but CAF, where the gutrippa is better!! At least thats what
>> >my info says. Am i wrong?
>> You are not wrong. The gutrippa can only be taken by Goffs, though (I
>> think). Why would you want a scorcher when you could take a bowel-burna?
>> It's the same situation. The better unit can only be taken by a specific
>> clan.

Well the problem with the Lunbursta/Gutrippa thing is that they are BOTH
Goff only cards and are excatly the same in stats (except for the difference
in CAFs), points, morale and break point modifier. The simple fact of the
matter is that the Gutrippa is simply better for no apparent reason.

>Of course, Gobsmashas are light vehicles, and thus can't enter the same
>kinds of terrain, notably buildings. Nevertheless, if I had to choose between
>Gobsmashas and Boyz, I'd probably take the 'Smashas.

But the 'Smashas are an Evil Sunz/Kult o' Speed only card. Boyz are more
maneuverable and can be taken by any clan. There are the differences.


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